USLC Statement Regarding USMCA

Posted By: Sydni Dobson (deleted) SLMA News,
The US Lumber Coalition released the following statement regarding the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement announced over the weekend:
"The U.S. Lumber Coalition appreciates the negotiating position adopted by the Administration regarding the trade remedy dispute panel system under NAFTA.  The U.S. industry, however, is deeply disappointed that the Constitutionality and sovereignty issues were ultimately not addressed in the USMCA and that the NAFTA dispute settlement system was retained in the new agreement. The U.S. industry will continue to defend the U.S. trade laws as properly enforced by the Trump Administration, and will take all necessary steps to preserve its rights under these U.S. trade laws."
Please send any questions or media inquiries to the US Lumber Coalition at or 202-805-9133.