The Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association membership footprint spans from Texas to Maryland and includes sawmills, lumber remanufacturers, lumber treaters and their suppliers. The mills directly employ over 11,500 people, in addition to the countless secondary jobs that are supported in the rural parts of the Southeast. Our members produce over 4.5 billion board feet annually and manage over 2 million acres of timberland.


Group A:
Any corporation that is independently-owned and controlled, partnership or sole ownership, which possesses a lumber manufacturing operation, a lumber remanufacturing operation, or lumber treating operation may be elected to membership of this Association by a majority vote of the Executive Committee provided such membership is not inconsistent with the stated goals of the Association set forth in its Articles of Incorporation. Any such membership decision by the Executive Committee may be vetoed by a majority vote of the membership. 

Group B:
Any corporation which possesses a lumber operation, lumber remanufacturing operation, or lumber treating operation not meeting Group A qualifications may be elected to membership of this Association by a majority vote of the active Group A members. 

Any business entity operation more than one mill shall be treated as a single member of the Association for purposes of voting, admission fees or other assessments. 

Sawmill/Remanufacturer Dues Structure: 

Dues are assessed on total company production, regardless of the number of sites, as illustrated by the following schedule:

Production Levels Rate Maximum Payment
0 to 100 MMBF $0.23 $23,000
101 to 300 MMBF $0.15 $30,000
301 MMBF+ $0.00 $0

Minimum dues are calculated at $125.00 per month. Dues will be invoiced monthly. 

We send monthly invoices where members fill in the board footage (like grading agency invoices) at $0.23 per thousand until 100 MMBF. After 100 MMBF, it’s $0.15 per thousand until 300 MMBF (cap--$53,000).

Treater Dues Structure:
Dues are calculated at $0.05 per MBF, with a maximum annual payment of $5,000.

Manufacturing operations with a treating operation on site must pay dues based on the production of the sawmill rather than the rate for the treating facility.

Any company (not eligible for manufacturer membership) involved in the sale or purchase of lumber, lumber mill machinery, equipment, supplies or service which is necessary, beneficial or useful to the active member in the operation and maintenance of his company. 

Associate Member Dues Structure:
Dues are $750 per year and paid at the time of joining. This amount is not pro-rated. 




  • Spring Meetings - With a table-top exhibiting opportunity and valuable discussion sessions, this meeting is a great chance to network with important industry players.
  • Annual Conferences - The family-friendly annual conferences deliver unparalleled opportunities to network with potential customers through sporting tournaments, industry updates, two-day trade expo, and receptions and dinners. 
  • Roundtables - SLMA hosts various manufacturer roundtables throughout the year (invite only). The Young Lumber Professionals (YLP) Roundtable is open to all members and is focused on the development of young business professionals through education, leadership training and networking. 
  • Leadership Development - The SLMA Fundamentals of Leadership program is an applied, common-sense overview of the skills need to successfully lead and maintain partnerships in our industry. Upon successful completion of the three module curriculum, participants will receive formal Leadership Certification. 


  • Weekly Newsletters - The Management Update is distributed to all members every week via email. In it, you can find the lastest information on upcoming meetings, government and legislative updates, and other topics relevant to our industry. 
  • News/Action Alerts - With such a dynamic government affairs arena, SLMA communicates calls to action (i.e. contacting your congressmen about pertinent issues) and other alerts via email. 
  • Association Member Spotlight - Once a year, each associatie member company who would like to share news and information about their products and services with the membership may do so via the Associate Member Spotlight.
  • Associate Member Digest - The Associate Member Digest is distributed every year so that manufacturing members can stay up to date with supplier contacts. Advertising opportunities available. 
  • Event Sponsorship - Show your commitment to the industry by becoming an event sponsor. With various opportunities for logo recognition and other benefits, sponsorship is a great chance to increase the visibility of your business in the forest products industry. 


SLMA's flagship program is its successful government and regulatory affairs efforts; focused on federal issues of bottom line importance to solid sawn lumber manufacturers. It is important to stay up-to-date with the challenges your market faces, and the SLMA government affairs team works the federal legislators and government agencies to track and act up essential government affairs issues. Current issues include: 

  • Clean Air Act
  • Clean Water Act
  • Endangered Species Act
  • Healthcare, NLRB, OSHA