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McGriff Insurance Services - National Forest Products Practice

McGriff Insurance Services - National Forest Products Practice specializes in the insurance placement and risk management for primary and secondary manufacturers and distributors in the forest products industry. The Forest Products Team has over 180 combined years of experience in the insurance industry. With this experience and knowledge of the forest products industry, McGriff has the unique ability to identify risk issues and recommend sound and comprehensive solutions that have proven to reduce the client's cost of risk. McGriff supports the forest products industry and are proud of the partnerships with the leading industry trade associations thereby bringing additional value and benefit to its members. 



The world is a big place, and the forest products industry is spread all over it. We know firsthand. Since 1995, we've  been providing cutting edge consulting services to this industry all over the planet. 


It has been said that a great strategy makes for an inspiring presentation, but it takes world-class execution for a company to realize its' full potential. Our focus is on helping forest products companies identify and capture the millions of dollars a year that can be lost in each mill through sub-optimal execution. 


SEMCO is an energy management company. We help businesses save energy through providing turnkey energy efficient solutions like LED lighting, heating and cooling controls, and more. We also offer low interest fixed rate financing solutions. Often allowing customers to create immediate positive cash flow for their businesses, day one of integrating the energy efficiency improvements. This is a result of proven energy savings outweighing the monthly loan payment. So what's holding you back?

It's estimated that 20%-25% of the average commercial buildings energy usage can be cost effectively eliminated, lowering overhead and reducing utility expenses. SEMCO's mission is to help educate and consult with clients on best practices for reducing energy consumption, while providing smart and effective technology to lower energy costs.