Senate Passes Infrastructure Bill and Reconciliation Framework

SLMA News,

The Senate passed a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and $3.5 trillion budget resolution before leaving for August recess. Notably, the Senate infrastructure bill includes a pilot program which allows commercial truckers under 21 to cross state lines after successful completion of an apprenticeship program. The provision is very similar to the DRIVE Safe Act that SLMA has supported in the last two Congresses. As included in the Senate passed bill, the pilot program is limited to 3,000 participants at one time. The pilot program would last three years and require the Administration to report to Congress on the success of the pilot program regarding participation, safety records, compensation, and whether participants in the program are equally as safe as drivers that are 21 or older. 

Following passage of the infrastructure legislation, the Senate began a "vote-a-roma" to clear hundreds of amendments and pass a $3.5 trillion budget resolution, which allows the Senate to pass budget related legislation to avoid a filibuster and pass the spending bill with simple majority. The non-binding framework to climate change, agriculture, and more. Two notable amendments included in the Senate resolution protect Section 1031 exchanges and stepped up basis in their present forms, as these tax provisions have been targeted as offsets for the spending package. Because the budget resolution is a framework, not legislation, changes to both tax and spending provisions are still possible. 

The House of Representatives will return from August recess next week to take up the budget resolution and infrastructure bill passed by the Senate.