Wagner Showcases Superior Moisture Measurements Analysis Technology at TP&EE

Posted By: Sydni Dobson (deleted) Associate Spotlights, SLMA News,
For over 50 years, Wagner Meters has provided tested, trusted, and proven moisture measurement systems and handheld moisture meters to leading softwood and hardwood mills as well as a wide array of wood products manufacturers. Wagner's measurement and analysis solutions have helped primary mills significantly improve their grade recovery as well as dramatically decrease energy costs and reduce moisture-related defects and waste. 
Wagner moisture measurement systems and handheld meters are well known for consistently accurate and trusted readings as well as industry-leading warranty protection, technical training, and onsite support. Wagner will provide you with a friendly and knowledgeable Product Application Specialist at your request, either through your computer, telephone, or in person at your mill.  We offer a variety of training and service options backed by the industry-leading expertise of our professional and courteous staff.
Wagner Meters staff will be at Booth #369 at the upcoming Timber Processing & Energy Expo (TP&EE), held October 17-19, 2018 at the Portland Exposition Center in Portland, Oregon.  While you are at the show, stop by our booth and chat with a member of our team about how we've made it easy to take hundreds of measurements deep inside kiln packages (where they need to be taken) without having to split the pack with a forklift. You can also submit your business card or contact info for a chance to win an L622/L722 meter and stack probe combination as well as other great prizes.

Wagner has sold thousands of the L622/L722 Moisture Meter and Stack Probe combination over 20+ years.  Many kiln operators across the nation depend heavily on the L622/L722 combination as a key component of quality control during the drying process.  Click to learn more about the L622/L722 Meter and Stack Probe combination as well as other Wagner Meters moisture measurement products.