SLMA Submits Comments on Water of the US Rule

Posted By: Sydni Dobson (deleted) SLMA News,
Last week, SLMA joined two sets of comments in support of the Administration's proposed rule to replace the 2015 Waters of the US rule, which expanded the EPA and Army Corp of Engineers' authority to determine what is considered a Water of the US under federal control. The first set is specific to forest products manufacturers and timber owners and was compiled by the American Forest and Paper Association and the National Alliance of Forest Owners. The second set was written by attorneys for the Waters Advocacy Coalition, of which SLMA and dozens of various industry groups are members.
Both sets of comments support the current Administration's efforts to roll back the federal government's overreach in regards to waters of the US by expressing support for the proposed rule, requesting clarification on some aspects of the proposed rule, and making suggestions on how the Administration could do more to ease the regulatory burden for stakeholders. Updates on the issue will continue to be included in the monthly SLMA Regulatory Update.