Fundamentals of Leadership Meeting Recap

Posted By: Alexis Sivcovich SLMA News,

Last week, the second Fundamentals of Leadership class met in Atlanta, GA. The program, led by Dr. Dale Bracken of National Assessment, hosted 10 future leaders of the sawmill industry. 

In the second module of the program, participants learned about the importance of behavioral safety and discussed the different projects each is implementing in their operations. The group was hosted by Timber Products Inspection, where they toured the labs and learned about the variety of services offered by TP. 

2nd Class of SLMA's Fundamentals of Leadership Program from left to right: Dylan O'Donnell of Timber Products Inspection; Bryan Smalley of SLMA; Holden Highsmith of Langdale Forest Products; Jonathan Marshall of T.R. Miller; Kimberli Scott of Collum's Lumber Products; Taylor Tankersley of East Coast Lumber; Alexis Sivcovich of SLMA; Jacob Salter of T.R. Miller; Dale Bracken of National Assessment; Parker Dempsey of Dempsey Wood Products; and David Robles of Timber Products Inspection.