Farm Bill Stalls in House

Posted By: Sydni Dobson (deleted) SLMA News,
Following days of debate last week, the House failed to pass a new farm bill 198-213, with 17 Members not voting. Every Democrat voted against the bill, citing their objection to new work requirements for food stamps.  The bill was also opposed by 30 Republican Freedom Caucus Members that are using the farm bill as leverage to force legislative action on immigration. House Leadership has announced a vote on an immigration bill and a second attempt to pass the farm bill the third week of June.
Before the bill failed, several amendments were considered on the House floor. Of note, an amendment that would repeal the Obama Administration's 2015 Waters of the US rule passed. An amendment that would have re-structured how commodity check-offs are managed and made them less efficient and effective was defeated, as was an amendment that would have ended the USDA BioBased/BioPreferred program, which just made lumber an eligible product in the 2014 farm bill.