Expiring USDA Grant Opportunity for Lumber Mills

Posted By: Sydni Dobson (deleted) SLMA News,

What is the USDA REAP Grant?

For businesses located in rural areas, the USDA REAP Grant is a federal program that will pay for 25% of an energy efficiency project's costs.


Like 2018, this program is again on the Trump administration's chopping block and 2019 may be the last year for the foreseeable future you can take advantage of it. 


What will the Grant help pay for? 


Any project that has measurable and verifiable energy savings, although projects with paybacks under 4 years score best. There are eligibility requirements so please give us a call to determine if you qualify. Common project examples include:


  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Compressed air modifications
  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's)
  • HVAC controls
  • Etc.

When is the application deadline?


The application deadline for projects greater than $80,000 is March 31, 2019. This does not leave much time for project development, so please contact us soon if you wish to take advantage of the program.


How can you take advantage of this program?


SEMCO has helped manufacturers throughout the southeast secure over $1.5 million dollars from this program and we want to help more of you get some of your hard earned tax dollars back before it ends.


We will streamline the entire process, including: Project development, energy calculations, turnkey installation, application submittal, etc.


For more information, please contact: Michael Crider at 251-752-8548 or mcrider@thesemco.com