Department of Defense Issues Report on Mass Timber Utilization

SLMA News,

SLMA and its industry partners worked to include a study in the FY2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) last year to have the Department of Defense report on the use of mass timber products (specifically cross laminated timber or CLT) in military construction projects. The reports, made available last week, highlights the time saving and environmental benefits of CLT construction, in addition to potential uses for on base and Forward Operating Base/Contingency Operating Base Facilities operations. The report also discusses the increased domestic production of CLT and cost differences compared to other building materials. Click here to read the report. 

Additionally, the House Armed Service Committee passed the FY2022 NDAA last week, including the Mass Timber Pilot Program to have each branch of military construct a CLT building and report back to Congress. The NDAA is set to be on the House floor in the coming weeks, while timing for the Senate's version of the FY2022 NDAA is less certain. SLMA will continue supporting utilization of wood products in the military.