Bon Aqua Water Treatment

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Bon Aqua Water Treatment

A better way to control scale and corrosion inside boilers


What brand of industrial boiler do you use?

Bon Aqua units have been installed on more than 122 boilers at over 70 different lumber companies to date. 

York Shipley, Amesteam, North American, Superior, Hurst, Keeler, Cleaver-Brooks, Weiss, Kewanee, Burnham, Titusville, Industrial, Vyncke, G&S, Hurst Hybrid, Thomasville, Northfab, ABCO, Bell Erie, Orr & Sembower, English, Bigalow, Bryan, Erie City Iron, Continental, Sellers, Menominee, Ames, Eschland, Williams & Davis, and others. 

Boilers are the workhorses of the wood industry, and the professional charged with keeping things running smoothly want to avoid as many problems as possible. Water quality is key to navigating two of the most persistent difficulties with a boiler system: the impedance of the heat transfer surfaces (scale fouling), which ultimately affects fuel consumption; and corrosion, which can lead to tube failure. The high heat intensity of a boiler accelerates the oxidation, scaing and corrosion process.