Associate Member Spotlight: U-C Coatings

Posted By: Virginia Norder Associate Spotlights,

U-C Coatings is the Leader in Wood Protection. For more than 45 years, our products have been used in a variety of industries, including softwood and hardwood lumber production, logging, wood products manufacturing, woodworking and wood decking markets. Our products are used worldwide to protect, conserve and enhance forest resources. Our goal is to help our customers achieve better results with less waste and provide the highest level of protection for their products.

The company offers the Contechem® product line featuring Britewood for mold and sapstain control in softwood and hardwood applications. Britewood boasts powerful active ingredients with concentrations among the highest in the industry, giving you the best and longest lasting protection against a wide array of mold and stain causing agents. Britewood can be used at lower dilution ratios than other available products, thus saving you money. The Contechem Sol-Brite product line provides excellent stain removal and brightening power.

U-C Coatings also has products for the rapidly expanding, value added pre-finished wood products market. Contractors and consumers are moving toward prefinished products to save time and have consistent finish. Our Eco Chemical® water-based wood stains and other coatings are used in the pressure treated decking, fencing and timber industry. All of these products provide high productivity, consistent color, and a lasting protection for prefinished wood.

Additionally, the company is well-known for Anchorseal® end / edge sealers and Gempaint® for lumber branding.  These products have been the industry standards in quality, yield, and productivity for over 30 years.

Seal-Once® is a line of eco-friendly, long lasting, ultra-low VOC sealers for wood and concrete that provides excellent water repellant performance.  Our new line of Ready-Mix colors makes this premium finish more convenient and user-friendly than ever.

U-C Coatings has operations in Buffalo, Portland, and Seattle.

Visit us at the 2020 SLMA Annual Conference, July 19-22 in Sea Island, GA.

To learn more about U-C Coatings and our line of premium wood protection products, visit our website at, or call us at 888-363-2628.