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Membership Options


Group A: 
Any corporation that is indepedently-owned and controlled, partnership or sole ownership, which possesses a lumber manufacturing operation, lumber remanufacturing operation or lumber treating operation may be elected to membership of this Association by a majority vote of the Executive Committee provided such membership is not inconsistent with the stated goals of the Association set forth in its Articles of Incorporation. Any such membership decision by the Executive Committee may be vetoed by a majority vote of the membership

Group B: 
Any corporation which possesses a lumber manufacturing operation, lumber remanufacturing operation or lumber treating operation not meeting Group A qualifications may be elected to membership of this Association by a majority vote of the active Group A members.

Any business entity operating more than one mill shall be treated as a single member of the Association for purposes of voting, admission fees or other assessments.

Sawmill/Remanufacturer Dues Structure:

Dues are assessed on total company production, regardless of the number of sites, as illustrated by the following schedule:
Production Levels Rate Maximum Payment  

Production Levels  Rate Maximum Payment
0 to 100 MMB $0.23 per MBF $23,000
101 to 300 MMBF $0.15 per MBF $30,000
301 MMBF+ $0.00 per MBF 0 $0

To join as a manufacturer member, please email Alexis Sivcovich.

Associate Member

This member type is for any firm (not eligible for Group A or B membership) involved in the sale or purchase of lumber, lumber mill machinery, equipment, supplies or service which is necessary, beneficial or useful to the active member in the operation and maintenance of his company.

Associate Member Dues Structure:
Dues are $750/year and paid at the time of joining. This amount is not pro-rated.

Member Benefits

Networking Opportunities:

  • Spring Meetings– Annually, SLMA holds a Spring Meeting & Expo; a two day event filled with valuable
    discussion sessions and industry updates. With a trade expo and reception in the evening, this meeting is an
    excellent way to get your company’s products and services in front of the customers who utilize them, and is
    a great chance to network with important industry players on a more personal level.
  • Annual Conferences- As the largest of our networking events, the family-friendly annual conferences focus
    on informational and education sessions, but leave time for social aspects. Featuring golf and other sporting
    tournaments, the conference delivers an unparalleled opportunity to work with potential clients. The two day
    trade expo offers a laid back, relaxed social environment to see many key decision makers in one setting.
  • The SLMA Annual Conferences have become the most anticipated event of the year! The 2016 Annual
    Conference will be held July 20-23 at the Belmond Charleston Place in Charleston, SC.
    Sponsorship Opportunities– Being a sponsor of the annual conference is an outstanding chance to increase
    the visibility of your business in the forest products industry. Sponsoring an event is the best opportunity to
    get your company name and logo in front of more than 800 member individuals, and show your commitment
    to solid sawn lumber manufacturers.


  • Weekly Newsletters– The Management Update is distributed to all members every Tuesday via email. In it,
    you can find the latest information on upcoming meetings and events, government and legislative updates,
    and other topics relevant to our industry.
  • Associate Member Spotlight– Once a year, any associate member company who would like to share
    news and information about their products or services with the membership may do so via the Associate
  • Member Spotlight. SLMA will send an email on your behalf to help get the word out about your company.
    This service will be available on a first come, first serve basis.
  • News/ Action Alerts– With such a dynamic government affairs arena, SLMA communicates calls to
    action (i.e. contacting your congressmen about pertinent issues) and other news alerts via email.
  • Website– Check out, home to our searchable membership directory, calendar of events, and
    meeting registrations.

Government and Regulatory Affairs:
SLMA’s flagship program is its successful government and regulatory affairs efforts. Focused on federal
issues of bottom line importance to independent lumber manufacturers– your potential customers! It is
important to stay up-to-date with the challenges your market faces, and the SLMA government affairs team
works with federal legislators and government agencies to track and act upon essential government affairs
issues. Currently:

  • Green Building Standards
  • USDA BioBased/BioPreferred Program 
  • Air & Water Regulations
  • Healthcare, NLRB, OSHA

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