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After over a decade of successful operation of Logmeter in the Southeast US sawmill market, Woodtech has been a driving force in developing innovative solutions for the forestry industry. At Woodtech, we recognize the critical importance of timely and accurate information for lumber producers in making crucial decisions.
Our Logmeter is a fully automatic scanning system that measures and inspects log loads on trucks in real-time at the entrance of the mill to control the quality and real value of logs before purchase. It provides information such as volume of logs, number of defective logs, diameter and length averages and distributions, excessive sweep, crook, number of logs per load, truck pictures and 3D images. This data is recorded in its auditing system, serving as evidence to enhance the procurement process. Some benefits include auditing records for 100% of truckloads and detailed information of all fully visible logs; real-time information in less than 2 minutes; autonomous operation without human intervention; improvement of fair trade by purchasing logs of expected quality.
Additionally, at Woodtech, we distinguish ourselves by providing excellent 24x7 support service to all our clients globally.
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