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Nicholson Manufacturing Ltd.

PO Box 2128
Sidney, BC V8L 3S6
(250) 656-3131
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Company Overview

Nicholson Manufacturing is a Ring Debarker Specialist and it's been that way for over 60 years. Ring Debarkers are what we do - they are our passion. All around the globe, wherever there is a forest products industry, you will find Nicholson equipment in operation - reliably and efficiently doing the job it was designed to do and adding value to the bottom line. Manufactured in a state of the art facility in Sidney, B.C., Canada, today's Nicholson Ring Debarkers provide the user with exceptional production potential, superior debarking quality, unequaled up time, ease of maintenance and decades of reliable service. Nicholson has a range of debarker models to suit any application, low speed to the highest speeds in the industry, softwood to hardwood, in sawmills, chip plants, veneer plants, OSB mills and more. Wherever mill technology is being pushed to new limits, Nicholson High Speed Ring Debarkers can be found - feeding these mills with high volume, high quality debarked logs where superior fiber retention from every log contributes to profitability.
Ron Hait Director of Capital Sales
Rodney Williams
Russell Huband Capital Value Stream Manager
Shannon Redmond
SLMA Logo Associate (Vendor)

Areas of Expertise Machinery Providers: Sawmill & Planer Machinery/Parts