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KyKenKee, Inc.

KyKenKee, Inc.

18719 US-11
Vance, AL 35490
(205) 553-8593
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Company Overview

Sales Manager: Chris Pierce | Avg. Annual Production: 70 MMBF | Species Produced: Mixed | Grading Agency: TPI | Max Dressed Timber (in.): 20" x 30" | Max Dressed Timber (ft.): 24' | Dimension Max Length: 24 | Boards: Yes | Specialties: Rough Fencing Board, Railroad & Structural, Mine Lumber & Timbers | Dragline Mats | Cut Stock, Metric Sizes | Export: Boards, Timbers | Crossties: Yes | Switchties: Yes | Pallet & Crating: Yes | Radius Edge Decking: No | Furniture Stock: Yes | Ceiling: Yes | Heat Treated: Yes | Prime: No | SFI Certified: Yes
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Chris Pierce Vice President of Sales
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