Things We Get From Trees

Industry Statistics

Did you know that more than 5,000 common products come from wood? Many, such as paper, lumber and furniture are obvious. Others, like food thickeners, pharmaceuticals and glue might not be quite as easy to identify. Americans depend on forest products more than they might realize. In fact, every American consumes enough forest products each year to create a tree 100 feet tall and 16 inches in diameter!

Here are just a few of the products that we get from trees:

Paper Products

Computer paper, Coffee filters, Books, Tissues, Disposable diapers, Postage stamps, Paper towels, Milk cartons, Paper plates, Movie tickets, Newspapers


Cork, Anticancer drugs, Shoe polish, Cosmetics, Poultry bedding, Oil spill control agents, Garden mulch

Torula Yeast

Baby foods, Imitation bacon, Cereals, Vegetarian foods, Baked goods, Beverages

Solid Wood Products

Furniture, Baseball bats, Boat paddles, Guitars, Backyard playsets, Charcoal, Rulers, Crutches, Fences, Lumber


Cleaning compounds, Ceramics, Insecticides, Hairspray, Deodorant, Fungicides, Artificial vanilla flavoring, Treatment for hypertension and Parkinson's Disease


Rayon clothing, Floor tiles, Toothpaste, Sandwich bags, Carbon paper, Luggage, Photographic film, Antacids, Food additives and thickeners

Wood Alcohols

Colognes, Solvents